1. My name is Ben Davis. When I was 22 years old, I had let my weight and health spiral out of control to the point where I was so depressed I didn’t care about anything or anyone. My life had become a miserable existence and it seemed that I was just going through life waiting to die an early death. Then, on Christmas eve of 2008, everything changed.

    My grandmother simply asked if I was happy with my life. And for the first time in a long time, I realized I wasn’t. And I decided to do something about it. I started this blog the next morning and gave it to her as a Christmas gift.. I promised her I would find that happiness that she was asking about.

    Then I started jogging
    Then did a 5K
    The pounds started falling off. 
    I ran a 10K. 
    And a sprint triathlon. 
    Then I did a half-marathon. 
    I kept losing weight. 
    And kept running. 
    Then I did a full marathon. 
    I decided to keep going. 
    Then I did an Ironman.

    Today, I’ve run eight marathons, completed two Ironmans, I have dozens of medals and have met thousands of amazing people along the way. But, most importantly, I’ve found that happiness that my grandmother asked me about. And that’s what this blog is about. Life.

    If you want to do something with your life, if you really want to do it, just do it. I promise that you can. You just have to do it. And when you do, you’ll be happier for it.