1. October 18th, 2011. A day I will always remember as the day one of my biggest dreams came true.

    In 10th grade, my friend asked me to write an article for the school newspaper. Not having anything else to do (some things never change) I took him up on his offer.

    And I wrote it. 500 words or so on how we should all get along and stop being mean to one another. From that moment on, I sort of fell in love with writing.

    Now, I’ll admit, as a lazy obese teenager (and on into college) I didn’t necessarily put much work into my writing, what with Diablo and Diablo II and ill-advised gambling excursions and eating fast food all the time… but it was something that, when I did actually do it, I loved.

    I had multiple blogs, I wrote in journals occasionally, I started many “novels,” I worked for the college newspaper… yes, when I did do it, I enjoyed it.

    Fast forward to December of 2008. I started this blog and, with it, a new life.

    "It’s Christmas," I wrote, in the first entry. "This is a gift to myself, and to you. Follow along and watch me lose. It’s going to be good." 

    I was going to try to change my whole life. I had made a promise to Meemaw—a promise to find health, happiness, and success—and I was going to do it.

    It’s been a hell of a ride on this here blog. Nearly three years, a few thousand blog posts, many joyous occasions, many great friendships forged, battles waged (with myself and with others), dozens of bloody nipples, a summer tour… it truly has been the best three years of my life.

    And today is right up there near the top.

    Today I got a book deal.

    A year of working on this, kicking around ideas, figuring out how to market it, all the things that I never knew existed in the world of publishing… today, it happened.

    At first there was a lot of jumping up and down and calling friends and family. Even Sherman got excited.

    And then, we ran. It was the appropriate way to celebrate—the only thing that made sense.

    There’s still a lot of work to be done and I’m sure there will be times when I feel frustrated writing for hours on end. But today, a dream of mine came true.

    Thank you for always being here and for always being so supportive.

    Meemaw, how about we celebrate with some apple cider?

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