1. New York City, baby. 
I’ll see you there?

    New York City, baby. 

    I’ll see you there?

    1. discoveringtrueself answered: Damn being so far away, or I’d be there too
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      I don’t know what to do. I want to go to this so badly and could definitely make it work with my schedule but really?...
    3. runsforbrunch answered: I’ll run with you! But I have to add an extra 2 miles to the end of the 5k for my training. :(
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      OK OK champions, I can come, although I may have to complete my run by running uptown to beat my movers. If you’ll be...
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      I shall be (hopefully) fully recovered in time to attend this..I’ll be the one towards the back of the pack walking with...
    6. deghanmay answered: WHAT! My head might explode with all of this awesomeness.
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      Dude. YES. I will be there :)
    8. allthingsover answered: .
    9. thehonestpalate answered: Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you in my home city :)
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      at 9am New York. Oh, and you’ll find me at the back of the group, doing a slow jog saunter, as I haven’t run in over a...
    11. bostonmarathon2012 answered: Sorry will miss it, we will be in Miami for the marathon!
    12. nowboarding answered: omg yay. I’ll come with great fear of having my ass left behind lol but hey I’m down 6.4 pounds since the 1st of the year so yay! Can’t wait!
    13. championstudded answered: I’m there!!!!!
    14. mysocalleddrama answered: dude, I need to figure out my plans for that day… but if possible, I am SO in!
    15. mikeatchi answered: If I had the cash to fly to NY, I’d be there!
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      This opportunity doesn’t happen everyday… I’ll be there! Will you? :)
    17. robownslife answered: Runsmart vs. Do Life… DAMN! LOL
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      Any other NY area folks going to do this? I’m game! An informal 5k sounds like fun— We could Do some Life together!
    19. afitz2011 answered: Are you ever going to do one in Nor Cal?
    20. foodietoo answered: I guess that Burger & Barrel tasted better than it looked.
    21. iapplegeek answered: Awesome! Glad that you are coming out and hope you have a huge turn out. Very inspirational!
    22. randidoeslife answered: ooh I wish… Stop by Delaware on your way to and/or from!!
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      have to do this! in honor of my bday?? :)
    24. vivianb3ta answered: YUP
    25. sophiaamelia answered: I’m going to tell my Brother to get his butt out of bed and go…seeing as he lives there and I can;t make it due to living in England
    26. laidbackchick answered: see you there, best city in the World!
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      Thinking about going to this!