1. They day I got to be a tourist. 

    A big bonus from having Erica here over the weekend was getting to see some of the city that I wouldn’t otherwise see. Public market at Granville Island, shopping on Robson St, checking out some intense political propaganda on a side-street, and waltzing along the ocean front for the 9 o’clock gun. 

    Come back anytime. 

    1. realdeal said: Do they have open-carry laws in Canada? Make sure the safety is on you 9 o’clock gun!! ;)
    2. race-car said: I love Vancouver! Please tell me you got a chance to run around Stanley Park?
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      Awww reminds me of Pike Place Market! I want to go back!
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      Running, eating, napping, shopping, wandering, more eating….Sunday was a great day :) Wish I could have stayed! Next...
    5. danielleruns said: Swoon.
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