1. I need someone to tell me that this is fake. 

    That this high school didn’t actually think it would be a good idea to blindfold high school students and have them make out with their parents. 

    That the parents didn’t actually agree to this. 

    Even if you’re lying, just tell me it’s fake anyway. 


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    2. mayracomesback said: for the love of God, what kind of parents and teachers put this together?? those poor kids!!
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      Can’t believe I just watched this…
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    5. kategoesrunning said: That is totally terrible. What parents think this is a good idea- VOM!
    6. whoknewicouldrun said: NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!
    7. mx-maniac said: idk i dont think they went full on with them lmao but hilarious
    8. 300and30 said: CREEEEEEEEEEPY!!! EEEK! Just No! Wrong on so many levels!!!! ICK.
    9. tupuisses said: *Shudder.*
    10. racingtheghosts said: Well…I have the answer you are looking for sir, and its not what you hoped for. IT IS REAL…. It was this past year at Rosemount High School in my wonderful state of Minnesota.
    11. becomingkatie said: EWW. The worst part to me is that the parents actually did it!
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      Oh my.
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      Not only do I not find this funny, I find it disgusting. What is the world coming to?!
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      This is disgusting if it is real and I would have been P.I.S.S.E.D. AND D.I.S.G.U.S.T.E.D.
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    18. run-doozer-run said: Not okay.
    19. loustik said: ewww this is so wrong…
    20. blissmanifesto said: EUUUCHHHHHH!!!! WHY LORD WHY
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    22. cantstopcristin said: Gross! I hope it’s fake! Can’t even watch!!!
    23. seestephyrun said: WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!? EW.
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      Eww what the actual fuckk
    26. realdeal said: I threw up my soul a little bit…
    27. keepingupwithmcjones said: Why would anyone ever think that would be a good idea? Ever. Awful. Gross.
    28. operation225 said: It’s fake! I hope…
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    30. myweighalongthisjourney said: One of the moms moved the kids hand to her butt…noooooo. please no. I’ve never wanted something to be so fake in my life.
    31. tashuadaybyday said: that is disturbing, wth. & yes, let’s say that has to be fake. Bleh! :P
    32. kristysfoodandfitness said: Ummm WHAT
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