1. Things that are not fun: Waking up, checking email, scanning the internet, noticing a runny nose, and then realizing it’s not snot at all.

    No obvious reason to have a bloody nose. Didn’t bonk it, no scabs, just blood, for like 10 seconds, then no more. 


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    2. vegetablecupcakes said: I like how your first thought was to take a photo to share with us all. Thank you sir.
    3. thisfearlesslife said: gross, dude.
    4. jakal05 said: Ju gonna die, mayne.
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    6. mylifemyhealth said: you almost made me pass out
    7. shortmom said: Humidifier. Then if it keeps happening, go see a doctor — could be you have a capillary that needs to be cauterized.
    8. themralphabet said: Sounds like you have dry air. You might need ot invest in a good humidifier.
    9. tri-me said: Might just be dry air.
    10. notovernight said: How is your blood pressure?
    11. yogalarva said: Omgosh I had this happen the other day! Now I’m glad I’m not the only one :-P
    12. justbrooksy said: I get em after flights cause the dry air.
    13. gymnauseous said: what Rogueofthecraft said. Forced air heating is the worst for this.
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