1. The night John Mayer broke my heart.

    "Dear John, I see it all now that you’re gone. Don’t you think I was too young to be played with? Your dark twisted games when I loved you so. I should have known."

    -Taylor Swift.

    While she won’t admit it publicly, there is strong speculation that Taylor wrote that song after a heartbreaking tryst with John Mayer.

    And I know how she feels.

    One night in mid-November, I was sitting around perusing the Internet, when I happened upon an e-mail. The sender was cryptically just “JM.”

    The email read: "Hey, Ben. John Mayer here. Big fan of your Tumblr, I’ve been following for a few months and see you’re going to be in Las Vegas in a few weeks. It just so happens I’ll be in at the same time, so if you fancy yourself a blackjack player, let’s grab a table together. -JM"

    At first, I was all like “Holy sh*t, John Mayer just emailed me.” but then reality sunk in and I realized this was the Internet I was dealing with and you can’t accept anything at face value. This was probably a prank. Still, though, the email address looked legit and I knew he had famously moved from Twitter to Tumblr, so it was possible. And why would he offer to meet if it was fake? That would make no sense. But, still, I was skeptical.

    So I headed over to Tumblr to check my followers.

    And lo and behold:

    Wow. Crazy.

    I immediately felt a little guilty about the times I had posted my running playlists and it was filled with lots of T-Swift, but no John Mayer.

    But still. Wow. His story checked out. The timeline matched. He had been following for a few months.

    And he wanted to play blackjack with me?

    We exchanged a few emails and it came out that the weekends Vegas was happening were separate weekends.

    But he did go to Las Vegas. And his writing pattern and jokes were exactly like they were on his blog. It became clear that I was actually talking to John Mayer.

    We talked about his wanting to get back into shape but the fact that he liked tequila a little too much. In fact, in one email he was drunk and signed it “Do Tequila. TM” a jab at my trademarking Do Life, but it was all in fun. We were hitting it off. We talked music and he helped me with my fear of flying.

    Don’t worry about flying. Do what I do and pretend you’re a parcel. They always make it safely to your door and you never question it… It’s just that parcels don’t have feelings but you do. So pretend you’re a gift box of pears. Or start worrying every day of your life that your Fedex might crash.

    And he got a Do Life shirt.

    I got the shirt! Let’s get you off impact font soon :)

    Merry Christmas!

    And we emailed a few more times. And then New York City happened. We had been in touch and he told me he wanted to have drinks, hang out, and go for a run together.

    So we coordinated our schedules. He had told me he was going to be in the studio all day but that he would text after and we would go for dinner and drinks.

    So I cleared my schedule.

    And he never texted.

    I stood there all alone in the room staring at my phone as I’m sure Taylor did the night he broke her heart.

    And I haven’t heard from him since.

    So, Taylor Swift, here’s to you. I feel your pain. Wanna grab drinks sometime?

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      I STILL don’t think he’s a douche…but why did you stand him up John? huh? huh?
    8. almamusical answered: John Mayer!? OMG <3 I love him so much! Still…he’s a celebrity, things happen.
    9. nikkibhouston answered: Don’t be sad…John probably stressed out for some reason. I wouldn’t take it personal. I’ll have a run and a drink with you :)
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