1. Do Life Chicago was everything we dreamed it would be. 

    35 of us got together to share the path on an incredibly lovely Independence Day. 

    But I want to show these two pictures. They portray exactly what this tour is about. 

    When we got done with the 5K, we grabbed some food and sat in the fountain area. Two and a half hours later, we were still sitting there, talking, laughing, telling stories, and inspiring one another. 

    This is what it’s about.

    It doesn’t matter if we run or we walk or if we run to lose weight or just to keep sane. We do these things and we do them together. 

    Thanks, Illinois, for a great night. 

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      I had such a blast tonight. Thanks Ben and Pa for an awesome 4th of July (plus Kate and Claire, too)!!! Pics and a recap...
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